A Letter from an Ethical Consumer

Hey Dusty Hippie gang,

One of our ethical consumers wrote this letter in regards to a more sustainble in 2020. We love hearing goals, visions, and a plan of action for how to make the world a better place.

"For the last 6 months, I have been closely following eco-warriors that have inspired me to make more ethical choices. In a world of social media influencers, they used their platforms and created the world a better place. A fantastic feat.  

Coming from a Christian background, I was taught that God created “man” as a steward for His Creation…oh, how we have failed. We’ve turned our earth into a graveyard fueled by consumerism and instant gratification. And the world (Mother Earth) is firing back at full force. (Our poles melting, excessive flooding, climate change, JUST TO NAME A FEW...)

This 2020 I am choosing to lower my personal carbon footprint in the following ways:

1) Return of the VEGAN: From ages 0-12 I was a complete vegan. It wasn’t until high school where I ordered my very first Big Mac… everyone else was doing it. “What’s the harm.” … now at 24, I have greatly derived from my foundational upbringing of keeping your body and earth clean. 

2) DIY: I realized that everything found in my bathroom can easily be replaced with a more natural and/or sustainable substitution. In 2020, I’ll be tinkering around with ethical soap making, toothpaste, makeup… we evolving this year.

3) REVAMPING: Is anyone else celebrating the fact that FOREVER21 is CLOSING!?!? Fast fashion can die. 

PS: (This is not a plug in - but my college roommate and her current roommate started their own ethical clothing company: The Dusty Hippie. And I’m beyond proud of them)


I just graduated from nursing school and western medicine wastes TONS of plastic on the daily. These practices do not align with my own beliefs, and I have caught myself fighting "western medicine ideology.”  I plan to advance my career into holistic nursing and overseas missionary nursing with a focus on women’s health. 

Thank you for your projects and for trying to create a world a better place. Now that I’m going to start a career I can use my income in supporting companies like, The Ethical Consumer, The Dusty Hippie and many more out there . <3

Love, Cin"

We are so proud of you Cinthia and thank you for sharing with us! Your 2020 vision sounds like a plan to keep the earth clean and towards a more sustainable future.



In 2020, The Dusty Hippie hopes to give you the latest tips on keeping your body and planet clean. We plan to include blog posts and videos including, vegan recipes, sustinable DIY’s, where to shop for ethical/local/fair-trade products, detailed travel guides, and of course ethical fashion. 💘