When Stuck At Home…

2020 has been a crazy year for all of us, and probably the last way we were expecting it to go. We want to encourage all of you to take this time and set it aside to improve yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. With many restaurants, bars, and social activities closed, life can get a little boring. We made a list of our favorites activites & products in order to get you back on track in all the right directions this summer.




Heal Your Skin from the Earth

Forage Wellness Skin Care is a zero waste beauty company that is kind to your skin through using mother earth’s natural ingredients. They have some of the best organic products that will heal your skin + pour some kindness back into the earth.


Pamper Yourself

Now is such a great time to catch up on all that self-care you had been wanting to do for so long but never had time for. Whether it’s whitening your teeth, painting your nails, trying some new face masks, or simply making a healthy smoothie, now is the time! Here’s a short list of our favorite self-care products. If you can, buy the vegan & eco-friendly ones! Making skin care products can also be a fun activity & ethical way to save you money also!

Some self-care favorites:

  • The Ordinary Skin care products (say GOODBYE to acne!)

  • Mukti Organics Skincare

    • If you’re looking for a great skin care brand to switch to, Mukti products are vegan, organic, GMO-free, Fair Trade Certified, and ethical! They have worldwide shipping so you can get it from New York to Austrailia.

  • Meditate: Did you know there are six different types of meditation? You can practice these ways of meditating to improve your mind, body, spirit, and well-being. Meditation also has great health benefits such as controling anxiety, increasing self-awareness, lowering blood pressure, and so much more! Even 6 minutes of meditation can go much further than you think!

To Do:

Make a Difference

Being kind to the earth is more than just metal straws. Start switching to Eco Friendly products & incorporate more ways to be zero waste into your life. Not sure where to start? Heres some of our favs.

  • KeepCup - These reusable coffee cups are too cute not to buy. Feel good about making a difference for one step closer to a disposable free world.

  • Visit local farmers markets

  • Start a compost bin (if you live in a big city, there are composting sites that will pick up your compost every morning!)

  • Go paperless with all of your bills

  • Get a Zero Waste Starter Kit

  • Take reusable utensils with you for when you’re on the go

  • Check out some zero waste stores. You can find them online, and there are even some in big cities!

Get Cozy…

Finding little ways to make your space cozy can reduce stress + anxiety and help you be more productive. This can include buying new plants, lighting candles, or even hanging a disco ball in your room. Filling your room with mythical crystals + unread books are always a great way to give your space that optimal healing energy.

Know the Earth

Fresh air, sunshine, nature hikes. Ride your bike. Take a hammock, a new book, tie it up and bask in the sunlight. Take this opportunity and use it to get to know nature, the outdoors, and reconnect with yourself. Nature not only decreases stress and changes your mood, but also heals your physical body. Benefits of spending time in nature include a significant decrease in anxiety, high blood pressure, heart rate, and more.

When in Quarantine…

It can be easy to get a little depressed being stuck at home. Luckily we all know that exercises increases serotonin and endorphins, so why are we not doing more of that? At home workouts can be creative and fun. It can be as simple as taking your dog for a walk, but there’s so much more. Some of our favorites include doing simple yoga exercises, just pull out your mat and find a short video on Youtube. You can also get creative with the band exercises, do at home boxing, or dance videos online!

Lastly, don’t forget to prioritize your mental health. Talk to someone if you are hurting or feeling alone. Take this time to better your spiritual and mental well-being for a more successful and sustainable future.

Be a Rebel by Being Ethical